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Everything You Have to Know about Instabeard™ Beard & Hair Growth Formula

Did you know that without a beard, you are her boyfriend but with one you are her man? In fact, beards are the new six-pack. You should grow what n...

Beard as a New Status Symbol

In the current century, everyone wants to identify him or herself with a man who possesses a perfect beard. The beard has turned out to be a new st...

Beard Growth Supplements for Men: How Do They Work?

Whether it’s to make hair grow faster or reduce its growth rate, men can find the right kind of supplements to aid them.  Although hair growth issu...

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Good product, instructions written clearly on product and what it's made of.


I wasn't sure if this would actually do anything but it did! I finished my first bottle and am starting the second .... I don't want to take the chance that my hair will start falling again if I stop taking it ;)


I'm a barber so it helps to have good hair. Mine was getting kind of thin but Instabeard helped volumize it. I'll be recommending it to my clients!