Everything You Have to Know about Instabeard™ Beard & Hair Growth Formula

Did you know that without a beard, you are her boyfriend but with one you are her man? In fact, beards are the new six-pack. You should grow what nature gave you because with beards you can never go wrong. Beards are your masculine honor. They are awesome in so many ways: they make you look wise, are a badge of manhood, and a sign of patience. Beards help shape your style and are used to make a personal fashion statement. In fact, the only reason you would want to shave your beard is to grow it back again. With that said, I am sure you are probably wondering what is considered a beard.

Allow me to decipher!!

The beard is the hair that grows on a man’s face on the lower cheeks and the chin, and it normally excludes the mustache. So, why should you use Instabeard™ Beard and Hair Growth Formula to help grow your hair and beard? A little knowledge on the benefits of growing a beard will help shed light. 

Benefits of Growing a Beard

Apart from the masculine look, beards are not only cool but also have health benefits. Let’s quickly dive in!!

  1. It helps prevent skin cancer
  1. It helps you stay younger, for longer
  1. With beards, you will never have to worry about bacterial infections
  1. You will have a blemish-free skin when you do not have razor cuts, ingrowths, and skin problems
  1. Beards protect your face from the harmful sun rays
  1. They keep you warm during winter season 
  1. It will make you feel more masculine and attractive
  1. Helps build that confidence and improves your self-esteem
  1. Ladies love it
  1. Keeps your skin moisturized

I am sure by now you want to grow a beard, but probably wondering what is the difference between beard oil and beard supplements. 

So, allow me to explain!!

Beard Oil Vs. Beard Supplements

Beard oils are cosmetic products that are designed to keep the skin below your beard moisturized. They are also very significant in keeping your beard shiny, soft and smooth. They are also very essential in helping you grow your beard, making your hair shine and improving your thin hair. Hair supplements, on the other hand, are dietary supplements that are rich in several beard growth botanical extracts and vitamins that are important in improving the appearance of your skin, hair, and beard.

Why InstabeardBeard and Hair Growth Formula? 

If you want to nourish your hair, beard and the skin underneath it, the Instabeard™ Beard and Hair Growth Formula is the solution you have been looking for. It is true that your beard will display your honor, power, respect, and courage. So, what are the ingredient components?

Ingredient Components

  1. Essential Vitamins like vitamin D3, B7 and C
  1. Iron (FE)
  1. Potassium Iodide
  1. Zinc (Zn)
  1. Calcium
  1. Silica

All these ingredients are essential in helping your beard grow, make your beard and hair to shine and improve the health of your hair. 

From the above amazing facts, it is true that Instabeard™ Beard and Hair Growth Formula is the solution for your hair and help you grow and maintain your beard. Feel Free to try it today and enjoy the amazing benefits.